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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 21, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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john: and these are all your kids. >> yes. hello, john. to hear their stories, it is like -- john: 8. your heart. >> it breaks my heart. she arrived in cambodia. john: nice to meet you. >> she had been sold in the brothel, a knife in her eyes. john: did they catch who did that to her? will the police get that man? >> no. john: now you have found a home and a mom. >> sister, sister. john: as somaly and her beautiful kids probably gave me a tour of the center, i could see she has created something very special, a place that gives these young survivors a chance for a brighter future. this is the library.
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>> yes. john: look at him. >> they make their own clothing. john: and their survivors and teach the girls how to sew, take care of themselves. they give other girls hope. there is a way to get out of this life. >> yes. john: what a good place for these kids to land. i loved meeting you. i know you have been through a lot, but you are in a good place. you have touched my heart. one of the best days i have spent in my life, in my life. thank you. bye-bye. bye-bye, love. i need a big hug. >> thank you, john. john: it is an honor to meet you. bye-bye, girls.
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that was a great look back at some international manhunts i will always remember. but it is time to look to the future and focus on the fugitives i have shown you tonight. samantha lewthwaite is wanted for questioning by police in africa for her alleged role in a terrorist plot in kenya. nalio williams is accused of murdering a man for his mercedes in broward county, florida. cops in ontario, canada, say guo wei wu is wanted on charges of murder -- manslaughter and kidnapping. david carroll is wanted by police in quebec for 13 murders. he is a member of the quebec nomads chapter of the hell's angels. this is our final two-hour special for the season here on fox. before i go, i want to thank everybody who picked up the phone and make that call or log onto our website and left your tips there. that is how we catch these guys.
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and the manhunt is never really ever. from main street to downing street, it is about one thing -- getting justice. so stay safe, stay strong, and remember, you can and do make a difference. [captioning made possible by walsh productions]
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the navallacademy is attacking america's computers. how these future cybbr warriors are getting ready for a digital pearl hhrbor. -------------------------------- home for chimpanzzes who havee been abused orrexperimented on for years. why thii sanctuary is goong to get a whole lot bigger if onnress -------------------------------- --------emily says -------------------------------- -------- the secret seevice republlcan senators want to hookergate into the white house. -------------------------------- -------- 3
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hello, i'm jeff abbll, karen parks is off tonight. search tonight for a baltimore county teenager whoohaan't been seen in more than a month. month. left her woodlawn home onnthe - morning of march 20'th....and her since. if you have any innormation aboutttte whereabouts of morrrah niccolson, you're urged to contact the ballimore county po. police. 3 two baltimore city teenagers who have been missing since wednesdayyare safe and sound to. tonight. investigators guadalupp sosa have been located unharmed. booh are students t the baltimore schhol for theearts.... and when they bott vanished on wednesday, theee was widespread concern. &p(chokes up/mr ccrter) 14438:4 we're all here for them all we want is for hem to get back.... home safety that's all all 3&&pagain, pplice tell us, booh students have
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now been located and are safe and sound. sound. 3 there's not suchha happy ending in new york toniggt, whereeanother ccild has been missing for 30-years. investigators are still searching for the remmins of a child who hasn't been seen since 1979. anna kkoiman showw us how detectives are attempting to unravel the myste. to unravel the myste. kooiman says: investigators haveeused jackhhmmers to ttar uu the basement floor of a being used as a wwrkshop by a time of etan patz' an at the disappearance in 1979." &pthe f-b-i and the n-y-p-d wil be back out hereetoday... it'ssabout a block ffom the bus stop where the sixxyear he vaniihed. the now 75- year-old handy man, othniel miller has hired an attorney who tells he media... miller
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is cooperating with investigators....but has no involvementtin thisscase. farkas says: "i believe that he has conveeed thattmessage muutiple times ver 30 years, he's as moved as all of us new yorrers are by this nd he recognizes and agrees with all of us thattttis is a terrible tragedy. and we should not be commounding one tragedy by ruining another person's life pho's got nothing to do with it." newwyork police commissionerrrrymond kklly says he is not going too peak about any potentiil suspects in this case... for decades there was a primm rrmos an admitted child ose molester locked up in a pennsylvania ppison... he was never convicted in the etan patz case... but was held responsible in a wrongful ddath suit. kelley says: "ya innfact that thhre wass a civil case brought by patz's pecovery, obviously thii individuallhas no money, he's in jail, but there was a thissis a civil matter, and nnt enough evidence to go forward criminally against this individual."kooiman sayy: "so these recent events could turn up some other llgal issues as well...alllof this
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is happening a month before nattonal missing children's ddy... may 25tt... thaa's also phe day f etan patz'ss disappearance. his case became part oo a movemenn toodraw &pattentton o child safety... thht remains in place today. child to have ever his face n a miik carttn. in new york city anna kooiman fox ews"" more thhn two-thoosand every day... and many of them are victims of human traaficker. traffickers..yrandd stephens is live in howarddcounty... where child advocacy groups myranda...jeff, local child nda- advocacy grrups say human traffiiking oes beyonddcity lines..they say the predators are now turning to suburbs -- like howard county - forrtheir prey... and it's working. behind the picture perfect
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scenes of suburban life in maryland....there's a ggowing crime targettng our most vulnerable. 1648 the pisconception aalot of times innmmryland s oh that must be bbltimore city that must be the big bad problem that happens in the urban context and thaa's actually not true 56 we're talking about human trafficking - where chillrenn as young as 10-yyars-old are prostitutes oo modern day slaves. theevictims rangg from from affluent homms. and the crimes are happening in some of the most unnikely placess 17:32 we've got cases in anne arundel county where it'' in a strip mall. you may go into a legitimaae ice cream parlor righttneet door and you don't really know what'sshappening 2 whichh s why community lladers held this seminaa on human county. among the panelists... delegate liz bobo - whh helped puss two bills that would protect victims inttolaw this past legislative session. 11:11 it will be requiied to have registry of where these involved, you know registry of
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cars that might be iivolved 22 work to fight this growing - crime... they say the key... is public awareness. 1815 we havv got to get peoole over that hurdle of i can't beeieve it and then to the point where phey are at least angry enough to take action 24 while lawmakers passed two there were four other bblls that did not passs.. including one that would increase the penalty for some humann trrffiiking crimes from a misdemeanor to a felony. delegate bobo says while itts disappointing... she will push for them again next year.. to the limit and crossed the finish line today for the run...held ii patterson park. the twelfth annual fund raiser benefits the rime victims emergency fund...which
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provides financial support o victimm of crime. it has a real benefit. i mean there's a real need so i guess where there's need you know you want to trr to keep doing thhse kinds of events as a ay to raise money to provide the support for the victiis. the state's attornee's office is still totaling the proceeds from toddys eveet...but bernstein s p if you live in baltimore county you may be one of thousands who have aid too much for water.... water.... more than 200- thousand county households get &ptheir water from baltimore city... but publiccworks residents have ooer-paid asa much as 2-poont-7 million investigators are trying to figure out how many residents have over-paid nd how loog tte ppoblem will continue. thh ciiy urges county residents to call the receivvd. water bills are - b-g-e rateppyers are about to get a little reliee. statements will automatically be credittd with a hundred dollars. its art of the
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of conssellation's mmrgee with the chicagg-based exelon corporaaion. 3 motter nnture may not be givinggus redit for a mild winter. stormm weather is meteorologist emily gracey for - a looo at what's happening now. now. 333& & service members have now lost
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theirrjobs as the prostitttion scandal intensiiies in washington. and tonnghh, as melisa rrney shows uu, the probe is taking a polittcaa tur. turn. 3pthree more secret service employeee resigned friday... bringing the total to number of the scandal.the secret se - implicatee in the scandal. politicians from both sides of the aisle want the investigations to be thhrough and to yieeddquickkresults. to committee and i have been waiting for answers answers on may 1st. tte - scandal ook a political turn when a republican senator asked tte secret service whether they are iivestigating
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potential involvement of whhte hoose taff..he white hoose believe any of its people were involvee .a ffrmmr top officiaa of the secret serviie said the ssaadal should never &phave agent sould &pbe involved in a situation like thhs. becaase it brings shhme to the agency. we're representing the unitee states of aaerica when we're overseas so, no agent should be has been reeorted.secret s it - &pservice director mark sulliva has ordered a "comprehensivee investigatton oo everything thaa happennd during the trip reporting.a.i'm melisa rrney - eeeven memberssof he u-s military aae also unddr investigatiio tonight for their alleged role in the prostitution ssandal. he as known as the administrationn...but tonighh charles colson....a key figure in the watergate scandal has died.. cooson... elped un the committee to re-eleet president nixon and was known &pfor his dirty tactics in
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gathering information on thee democraaic party. he pleaddd guilty to attempting to defaae pennagon analyst daniel ellsberg, which landed him a 7 month prisoo sentence.... it was the worst blow of my life, to be indictedd because iid been so proud as a marine officer, and proud to serve my country, and a flag-waving patriot. and i end up in a courtroom, and it's he united states of amerrca versus me. colson ssenthe next 35 years doing chriitian missionary work wiih inmates he died at the age of 80 from a blot clot n his brain. fighting ammrrca'ss baatles in cyberspaae. how students at annapolis are in world war three. their lives to advance medicine. the reward for these rrsearch chimps if 3& just a few hours &pfrom some mmjor streett
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clooures around the inner parbor. we'll show you why they're shutting them ddwn and how it's going to impact your driie.
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the rivalry among this &pcountry's milittrr serrice academies has long been extending far beyond the cyber battlefield. tonight, we go inside the nationall security agency's cyyer defense exercise -- which iss war games... without weapons. &pweapons. ccmmander this is y team. and and iscontent among all of e &pthe universitieswe're serving pchools because they're ttose visiting thh air force academies website.this team here called the red ceel are
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putting computerrattacks &pagainst those trying to see how good of a networkkthoss and certainly all of the schools are involved. the army folks at west poinn, tte us &pnaval academy,,the coast guar academy, the air force academy. &pout, connectton timed out, - every single emailit could be a viral issuethii exercise is about empooering the next generation of militaay officers and graduates of oor service academies to be very, very cyber aware..w can'ttpiig doesn't really work. we're losing points. ry digyou have a lot of different fix one problem and then somethiigg lse goos up. and of course you have nsa red cell coming inndoing tuff-- a lot of organiied chaas.we're trrcking them to go to another schools site and serring them malware off of it.are they pulling their hair out??e got them yet. "they've 've
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malware coming all ways trying to come in through our gateways and our servers."" as suppooed to e the person who made the bad things not happen. that didn't work. now i'm the pprson who makes tte things thaa are happening that aree ad, llss bad and it's been working sort of welllfor are self taught and self nts motivated and we et ttem run the project on their one wants to ttlk to us. i guess we'reenot cool.we're poiitt.i am what is called aa grey cell team membbr so my role here is to simulate what miiitary environment. you click here and you win aa millioo dollars. that's what he is reerrsenting, that insider threat,,thatt pnknowledgeebleeuser that really is a big threat now. we've had some success attthe schoolssbut i'll teel yyu that the schools effnnive techniquus are really working. absolutely betttr than past years. it's good from their itta lot more challenging for
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us..ight now eere able to receive email rommeveryone but we're not in the correct spaae hierarchy to send email po othhr people. i don't think it was red ceel activiiy. i think they were so busy defending, thaa hey made it a little too hard, theyy pouldn't get mail out of we missed one littleedetail out of place--and it tookkus awhile to figure that out. and then afttrwards it was like, ahh dah (rolls her eyes), and then we ffxed it. they get a really unique experience--key word pxperiince--about hoo to become etwork's the first stee into he door of, heyythissis how itts goiig to be like running an operations center. this is some of the stuff you're going to see, you'rr going to have to deal with. you want too regain the trophy yyu lost last yyar?it's bigger thannthe commander in chiefs trophyy phe footbbll team gets a smaller troohy than us if we win this. it's pretty bii. &pii's massive actually. acadeem won the trophy.
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weet point came in second, followed by navy and the coast guard. its been ore than a year.....but one of towson's landmarks issre-openiig. charles village pub looked like affee it was destroyed by ...buttnow... almost a yeer and a half later.... the cvp big way. its been a fourteen month process which has been a lott of work. but noo we're happy to be here aatthe end of this. to be hehis. wwie doors are open all eekend, phe grand opening at he charlls village pub will be monday at noon. p if you ever wanted to get a gllmpse into the inside of the working white house...nnw is the time..... first family is opening its he ggrdens to guests. visitors will get a rare glimpse of the jacqueline kenneey garden, the rose garden ad the south lawn. they also will getta sneak peek at the kitchen garden, garren at tte white
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more than fifty yyars. you may need tt buudle up if you'reegoing on that tour tt. meteorologist emily gracey is tracking a stormy blast of cooddweether. weather. 3
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the weather is not tt bllmm for many downnown street closures tomoorow..... tomorrow..... right now, our harborcam shows traffic moving alonn the inner harbor tonight..... morning, the ccty will shutdown much of thhi area. a pprtion of lombardd calvert, will be cosed so helicopters caa lift and reelace the air shoppiig center. the roads &pwill reopen tomorrow night at. six. 3 &panimal overs are goingg bananas over the latest in baltimore. baltimore.the zoo sent us this white colobus monkey which was - born at the exhibit today. pf the little one's gender.... but they are sureethat monkeys 'keri and bisii are prouu parents for the firrt time. 3 they''e given their lives to advanne
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medicine. the reward for these research himpssif utant shrimp on your dinner table? whyysome say they won't ever eat seafood ever aggin. well, online dating services can get kind of expensive. so to save money, i've found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. five foot ten...
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still doing a little exploring. but... my sign is sagittarius, i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. getting a weave. there's an easier way to save. who wants some ronald tonight!? who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. chimpanzees have long
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pesearch. buttnow, f - there's a ppoposal to stop that research.... iffit happens, thousands offchimps homeless..... tonight, john zarrella catches up wwth some now-free chimpssat a new louiiiina.ouisiana..- a red rose snack. some liie the stems. otters the petals. and cut up fruit..yumm but you get the sense they'd prefer you hand it to them. here have some more.susie you're not caaching very well. you've got to catch.this is chimp hhven. theeonly federally
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on two hundred acres outside shreveport, louisiana. there are fooested habitats...great for climbbng. fruits nd veggies are always scattered aaound. in essence, this is a look at what a chimp needs. e base that on wwat they're like in the wild. what does a wild chimp need. they needda lot of friinds, a lot of space. there arr 130 of hhse great near future, hundreds off 3 chimps now in research facilities might need a home like thhs.leggssation awaiting action in congress woold put pn end to all invasive reeearch using chimpanzees. and a much aaticipated study &pcommissioned by theenational founn the use of chimps in most cases quote, "unnecessary." the growing poncerr for sanctuary and laaoratory officials iss..what
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to do with all these animals if suddenly they can no longer be used for research? chimps can easily live more than fifty years and, thh daily cost for care? between 25 and could probablyytake forty, fifty, sixty more chimpanzees iffjusttthis outside area waa is the reason. it's been sitttng unfinishedd coots escalated. the chimpss -- here come from a variety of backgrounds. henrr was a pet. he lived 15 years in aacage in a arage before his reecuee 50 year old sara was used in cognitive researcc. these chimps behind mee,there are five of them, are hhre for onee sppcific reason. o one else would take ttem.they were t one time infeeted with and carry the aids virus. most of chimp haven's animals eeee research subjeccs. itts breezeefor the first ttmm. ce -
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some of these chimps haven't right ow if the law wwre to e. enough retirement sanctuaries for all the chimps. many would likely stay in the research facilities where theyyve aaready spent most of their livees &p tell your lawmakers wwat pnimal researcc.. heed to our website, fox balttmorr dot com and click on the your voice tab to contact your repreeentativee. 3 ssrimp with no eyes and other horror storres. why the bp spill in the gulf is killing seafood across the couutty. ccmmon sense could haae helped onn educator. why one &poutfit was deemed tto sexy fo 3
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3 two years after the devastatiin oil spilllin the gulf... there are still concerns about the safety of envirrnmental disaster is b - creating majjr concerrs about the ssle of mutant ssrimp.... they say it'ssbeen tested like pevee before. louisiana shrimp deemed safe by thh &pstate heallh departmentt but two years after thh bp oil spill some rrseaachers aren't
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poovinned.williams says: "it's in the whitt shrimp from nov appendanges are missing.' dr patricia williams from uno has een monitoring gulf seafood since the bp spiil, conceens.williams says: "also a seeing a deeppyellow pigmentt which we are analyying, in the white shrimp whichh re decreasing in nummers."" there have also been a higher number than usual of gull and 2009, on averaae, five 02 - the month of may. but 2011, that number jumped eight fold to forty, and tte yeerr closed out with 143 dolphin deaths, eiggt times the average..andler says: "it's &pimportant for ussto enroll people who were on the ground." but hat about health impaats on humans. the
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feeeral government is still working on a compreeensive study.sandler says: "we have enrolled 19-thoussnd workers so far, which is great...but we need 40-thousand so we have a long way to go." as the sttdies continue, louisiana seafood dealers continue to market it as a saae product.cctanovich says: "first and foremost...our seafood is the most tested food item in the us eriod." but the uno scientist sayy there's plenty to worry about. williams sayss "heavy metals are something that we didn'' study...until we did at uno...and we are seeing in humans are seeing evidence of that, increased arseniccin thee urine...hyper pigmention in &pthe kin." for its part bp says it's fuuding 500- miilioo dollars in research on the gulf.ó utsler says: "thoseestudies
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will continue for years to come. come." 3 3 perhaps, the solution to stick with theemaryland blue crrb. 3 3 3 3 3
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tto sexy for gym class? kicked out of kickballl.ild - at least it took care of the rat probbem. how this cat wound up living in
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a.../ new jersey father fired- a... remark ..his daughter says.../ her... teacher made...// made...// the... telling the.../ her... gym outfit.../ was.../ tto sexy."....// áátheáá... little giil...// didn't... feel right.../ aboutt .../ whht... was told ....nother teacher.../// .áásoááá.. 40... year old.../ marco has been... ááparentsáá are... d - outtaged...// henry wilson / girl's father wilson: "anger i was just veryy angry when my daughter irst told me."wilson: "any teacher let alone a male teacher
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ccminn to a little girl that complettly inappropiate." inappropiite." the school syytem promises a full investigation. ppom.../ season... is here...///....and all thee girls want to be prom queen... queen......but get wommn recently bought a billboaad for her daughter to advertise her run foo prom queen. she claims the idea origgnally started out as a joke, but then she decided to make it reality... &pday says: "all the girls want the wow factor, you know they pant to outshine or out doo competitions tough and hen &pyou ggt your peer pressure a" pell." the billboard is only tte beginning.... tammy day has also placed ads in newspapers and local restaurants. so farr hundred dollars oo an fifteen - 3dvertisemmnts... perfection innseattle...thh white sox pitcher who threw thh 21st perfect game in sports unlimited... 3& from nine to
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using up one of its lives on aa field trip nside a wall. one florida kitten definitely
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proved he had 9 lives. the kitten who was named waal- e... was stuck inside of a wall in a womans home for nearly two days. the women saii she hearddmeows... but thought it came from her roof... wall-e was later rescueddafter cutting a holl in the sheet rook. wall-e is now waiting to be adopted...since the woman's boyfriend issallergic to cats. 3 the orioles with a late starr morran adsit jjins us now in spoots unlimited... unlimitedd.. cooing up toniiht on sports unl. unlimiied.. orioles and angels playyng rrght bird you won't see in baltimore any time soon....the o's beat phil hum- ber on monday...good thing thee didn't faaeehim ttday... perrection on the diamond.... pnd rj wickham makes the most of his final game at navy... the ssnior goalie holds johns hopkins to a rare goaa total...
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now... the worst thing thattcan come out of the orioles ten game road trip with stops in toronto, chhcago and a five hundred record.orrolls have two games left with the angels before heading home... win both... winnall three series.get one... it's a dominant early on....bottom of phe 4th...uuhittable curvvball to bobby abreu for the hitter... breaking ball gets albert pujols chasing....arrieta retired 12 in a ow at one of the on for matt wieters...getssall oo that one...into the seats for his 5th homer...o's take a 220 lead.....ottom of the 5th...arrieta pick off to 11t...his 2nd throwing error pf theegame...o's lead all of later in the at-bat tt mark trumbo...arrieta unnorks a wild pitch...torii hunter goes ssrves it to right...umbo -


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